Snap Medical Assistant Academy Tuition

Affordable Tuition and Flexible Payment Plans

Select the Option that is Best for You.

Full Tuition

Option 1


Full Payment

  • Pay the full cost of $3,350 prior to the beginning of the first class.

Payment Plan

Option 2


Weekly Payment Plan

  • $490 deposit prior to the first day of class.
  • 12 consecutive weekly payments of $267.50 (auto-drafted).
  • Includes a $350.00 payment plan fee.

Finance With Climb

Option 3


Monthly Payments

  • $650 deposit payable in full or available in weekly installments during class.
  • Apply for financial aid through Climb Credit. Click here for more information: Climb Credit

None of those options work for you? That’s okay. Contact us to inquire about a customized payment plan.