Freedom Through Education

Our mission is to produce freedom through education. Furthering your education should not include massive student loan debt and everyone should know that there are alternative paths that don’t require decades of repaying borrowed money. We also know that school is not your only obligation. The convenience of a flexible class schedule allows students to maintain their everyday responsibilities without sacrificing engaging and effective course material. We believe in empowering students with quality training and aim to lead them toward fulfilling careers in high-growth fields. This is our definition of freedom and every day we work to create success for the lives of our students. The difference in our model is clear!

College is extremely expensive

The problem with “traditional” education in our country is no secret - high cost with a disproportionate reward. A lot of students experience a negative return on their education investment - largely because the job they get after college may not support their desired lifestyle, coupled with trying to pay off their college loan debt. Currently, our country faces a $1.6 trillion debt crisis because of student loans, and according to the Harvard Business Review, this burden is anticipated to grow 7% every year. If you take into consideration the lack of return (careers) earned by students who have basically mortgaged their future, we can recognize a failing system that does not work for everyone equally. However, in every situation we are faced with, no matter how stark, opportunity finds a way to present itself!

Is college a “Must”?

More than half of all graduating seniors will decide to enroll in a 4-year university while more than 40% will not earn their degree in those 4 years! Our role in education is to make sure there are rewarding alternatives with an immediate impact on your life. A dental assisting/medical assisting/coding career has the opportunity to jumpstart your life, help you pursue independence, and give you the confidence to advance. Degrees from traditional colleges and universities are not required to pursue the field! In fact, you just need to be well trained by industry professionals, pass the required certification exams, and complete an externship.

Landing a job.

The primary reason we put ourselves through strenuous circumstances is to hopefully reap the reward at the end; the same goes for pursuing a degree. However, many college graduates don’t even work in the industry they studied. Our programs are designed to focus on the reward at the end. Not only does career-ready training benefit the student but it also benefits the employer by making hiring decisions that much easier. Furthermore, it also boosts our economy by placing people in long-term employment much faster. Our team of Admissions Advisors, Hiring Team Specialists and Campus Managers assist you from the time you apply, through each week of class, and especially after graduation when securing the perfect job for you.

You have options.

You are not alone in thinking that attending a university is a “must” right out of high school. After all, this is a message that has been ingrained in us as the only option, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, you deserve an education system that works for you and leads to a meaningful career. Our company is centered around this model and is backed by a community of leaders, programmers, specialists, and top-tier instructors prepared to challenge conventional postsecondary education.