Your Painless Path to a Lucrative Medical Career

Healthcare occupations are a solid way to earn and provide high-demand medical services to millions of people. You don’t have to become a doctor, spend years in an Ivy League school, or spend your life’s savings to start making a difference though.

Especially when Harvard Medical School’s acceptance rate is 3.6% and one year of med school will cost you the same as a brand new Tesla - the answer is Snap Medical’s online-learning, medical assistant program.

Continual Growth

A promising sign for any professional industry is a healthy growth pattern. The health professional field isn’t just growing though, it’s flourishing. Check out these statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • 1.9 million new jobs will be created in the medical field by 2028.

  • An aging population needs medical attention more than ever.¹

  • 14% growth is expected in medical jobs, one of the fastest growing job sectors.

Career Versatility

You might also be interested in the medical field for personal fulfillment. In fact, 67% of people asked said they started medical assisting school or medical studies to help others. You might also start a career in the medical field because it provides:

  • Varied work environments depending on your specialty

  • Flexible work hours

  • An opportunity to advance

  • New skills to increase your employability

  • A path to a valuable clinical internship which might provide references for a permanent

medical assisting job.

Research suggests that medical field jobs will continue to grow and pay well. This information is important to understand and take advantage of because even though unemployment rates are high, some job sectors in the market are still growing!


¹ (Cagney, K. A. (2019). Aging populations. Urban Health, 59-69.